Spring 2017 Faculty News

Jeffrey Andrews-Hanna joins LPL Faculty

Dr. Jeff Andrews-Hanna joined LPL in January as an Associate Professor. Jeff is a planetary scientist, interested in all aspects of the evolution and structure of the terrestrial planets. He joined LPL after working at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder where he was a staff scientist. Jeff earned his Ph.D. in Earth and Planetary Science at Washington University in St Louis, where he focused on the hydrology of Mars; he then pursued a postdoc position at MIT, where he worked on martian geophysics. Jeff's primary research interests are in hydrologic, tectonic, volcanic, and geodynamic processes on the terrestrial planets, making use of a combination of numerical modeling and data analysis. Ongoing research topics include the analysis of gravity data from NASA’s GRAIL mission to investigate subsurface structures on the Moon, hydrological modeling applied to the formation of sedimentary deposits on Mars, data and modeling applied to understanding volcanic eruption products on Mars, and geophysical studies of tectonics across the inner Solar System.