Planetary Sciences Undergraduate Minor

Students who wish to prepare for a career in solar system research should include a strong background in the fundamental physical sciences as part of their undergraduate studies. Some majors to consider include Applied Mathematics, Astronomy, Atmospheric Sciences, Chemistry, Geosciences, and Physics.

Minor Program Requirements

Undergraduate students at the UA may obtain a minor in Planetary Sciences. The PTYS minor consists of 18 units and must include:

  • PTYS 403, 407, 411
  • Three additional upper-division units in Planetary Science (for a total of 12 upper-division units)
  • Six units chosen by the student in consultation with a Planetary Sciences advisor

This provides for an appropriate sequence of courses in Planetary Sciences that meets university requirements (minimum of 18 units of which at least 9 are upper-division) while allowing flexibility for the student to add complementary courses. Possible elective units include: 

Interested in a PTYS Minor?

If you are interested in pursuing the undergraduate minor in Planetary Sciences, please download and complete the form below and contact us for more information, or schedule an appointment with advisor Amy Brenton, who can help to complete the approval form and introduce you to the Department of Planetary Sciences.

Download the Undergraduate Minor Approval Form


Amy Brenton
Kuiper Space Sciences 333

Discover Planetary Sciences

What is planetary science? Undergraduate faculty advisor Dr. Steve Kortenkamp talks about what you might want to study as an undergraduate planetary sciences minor at LPL.

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