Ally Development

LPL is a leader in planetary science and astronomy, and from this platform as LPLers we can have a great deal of influence in the academic world. Using this platform to address diversity, equity and inclusion issues is therefore paramount. For the most privileged amoung us, this means becoming allies. An ally in academia is someone who actively moves against issues that disadvantage women and other minority groups. The key here is the word active, as passive allyship is not allyship at all.

Ally Development Resources

U of A Safe Zone Training

The Safe Zone program is a free, online training course designed to develop allyship towards the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ+) community. By participating in this training, you explicitly send the message that you are an ally to this community, and that these issues matter you. Consequently, you contribute to making academia a safer workplace for those in the LGBTQ+ group and other minorities. We strongly recommend taking part in this training.

Step UP! Bystander Intervention Training

Developed in part by the U of A, the Step UP program is a website full of resources on how you can improve your allyship through bystander intervention. This is program is extremely useful to all of us, as the only way to break down the barriers that exist to white women, people of colour, and other minorities is to act in the moment by shutting down racist, sexist, or ableist language and harassment. Without our intervention as bystanders, these problems will only continue. A full facillitator guide to the Step UP program can be found on the Step UP Student Guides page.