Annual Donors Travel Award

These awards are intended for career advancement, usually associated with travel, for LPL students and staff. They are supported by gifts, typically of $500 or $1000, from donors. Videos from the recipients appear on this page.

Still from Cambioni's 2019 video

Saverio Cambioni

Financial support from the LPL External Advisory Board permitted graduate student Saverio Cambioni to spend 3 months at the Observatoire de la Cote d'Azure in Nice, France, where he investigated a new method, based on neural networks, for identifying the oldest collisional families of asteroids that formed in the earliest phases of our solar system and that have so far not been identified using classical methods.

Still from Lejoly's 2019 video

Cassandra Lejoly

With support from the LPL External Board of Advisors, graduate student Cassandra Lejoly attended the Mike A'Hearn Symposium in August 2019. Cassandra presented results of dust radial profiles of 41P/TKG, 45P/HMP, and 46P/Wirtanen.