Fall 2013 Graduate Student News

2013 NESSF Awards

Kudos to LPL graduate students with new or continuing NESSF (NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship) Awards:

New for 2013

  • Patricio Becerra, "Wavelet Analysis of Martian Polar Stratigraphy from HiRISE Topography" (advisor: Shane Byrne)
  • James Keane, "Stability of Asteroidal Regolith During Planetary Close Approaches" (advisor: Isamu Matsuyama)
  • Sarah Morrison, "Multiple Planet-Debris Disk Interactions: Probing Planetary System Evolution" (advisor: Renu Malhotra)

Renewed for 2013

  • Juan Lora, "Modeling Titan's Atmospheric Dynamics and their Interaction with Methane" (advisor: Joellen Russell)
  • Jamie Molaro, "Thermal Stress Weathering in the Inner Solar System" (advisor: Shane Byrne)
  • Christa Van Laerhoven, "Secular Dynamics of Multi-Planet Systems: Implications for the History, Physical Characteristics, and Habitability of Planets" (advisor: Rick Greenberg)