University of Arizona College of Science Galileo Circle Scholarship

University of Arizona College of Science Galileo Circle Scholarship

Congratulations to LPL's 2022 Galileo Circle Scholarship recipients: Rachel Fernandes, Nathan Hadland, Kiana McFadden, Allison McGraw, Laura Seifert, Emileigh Shoemaker, and Joana Voigt.

Galileo Circle Scholarships are awarded to the University of Arizona's finest science students and represent the tremendous breadth of research interests in the University of Arizona College of Science. Galileo Circle Scholarships are supported through the generous donations of Galileo Circle members. Galileo Circle Scholars receive $1,000 each and the opportunity to introduce themselves and their research to the Galileo Circle patrons.

Rachel Fernandes
(Advisor: Ilaria Pascucci)
Seeking to expand on our understanding of the primordial short-period population by detecting and measuring the occurrence rates of planets in young (<1 Gyr) stellar clusters with the Transiting Exoplanet Sky Survey.
Nathan Hadland
(Advisors: Solange Duhamel and Christopher Hamilton)
Studies planetary analogs in Iceland and elsewhere to evaluate the nature of life and their resulting biosignatures in extreme environments that have similar characteristics as Mars.
Kiana McFadden
(Advisors: Lynn Carter and Ellen Howell)

Studies asteroids and other small bodies using radar and thermal data.

Allison McGraw
(Advisor: Vishnu Reddy)
Researching the Gefion asteroid family.
Laura Seifert
(Advisor: Tom Zega)
Analyzes circumstellar grains preserved inside primitive meteorites using transmission electron microscopy.
Emileigh Shoemaker
(Advisor: Lynn Carter)
Studies volcanism and ice deposits using ground penetrating radar.
Joana Voigt
(Advisor: Christopher Hamilton)
Seeks a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between eruption dynamics and the final lava morphologies by using a combination of remote sensing techniques and instruments, unmanned aircraft systems, and field observations.

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