Kris Akers

Research Engineering Technician

Javier Alday (he/him)

Research Engineering Mechanical Technician

Jonna Alley

Research Development Administrator

Hop Bailey

Program Manager, UA Space Institute

Nicole Bardabelias (she/her)

Science Operations Engineer, HiRISE

Nicole Baugh

Uplink Operations Lead, HiRISE

Kris Becker

Senior Data Analyst, OSIRIS-REx

Carina Bennett

Project Manager and Software Engineer, SAMIS

Tracie Beuden (she/her)

Survey Operations Specialist, Catalina Sky Survey

Kristin Block (she/her)

Principal Science Operations Engineer, HiRISE

Denise Blum

Business Manager, OSIRIS-REx

Marsha Bolton

Grant and Contract Administrator

Amy Brenton

Academic Advisor

Terrence Bressi

Engineer/Observer, Spacewatch

Juliette Brodbeck

Laboratory Coordinator

Edith Camacho

Administrative Associate

Vivian Carvajal (she/her)

Survey Operations Specialist, Catalina Sky Survey

Michelle Coe (she/her)

Program Manager, Arizona Space Grant Consortium

Christian d'Aubigny

DCC Deputy Instrument Scientist, OCAMS (Byrne)

Glinda Davidson

Manager, Grants-Contracts

David Dean

Systems Programmer, Principal

Kenneth Domanik

Manager, Electron Microprobe Lab

Lyn Doose (he/him)

Senior Research Associate (Retired)

David Edmeades (he/him)

Systems Administrator, PIRL/HiRISE

Hannah Edwards

Instructional Specialist Coordinator

Ari Espinoza

Outreach Coordinator, HiRISE

Don Fay

R&D Systems Engineer, Catalina Sky Survey

Jacqueline Fazekas

Research Technologist, Catalina Sky Survey

Audrie Fennema

Engineer, Satellite Payload Operations, HiRISE

Tony Ferro

System Administrator, OSIRIS-REx/SPOC

Kari Figueroa

Accountant, Senior

Kenny Fine

Senior Systems Administrator, PIRL/HiRISE

Michael Fitzgibbon

Software Engineer, Lead Calibration & Validation, OSIRIS-REx

Sosthene Foka

Database Administrator, OSIRIS-REx

Carson Fuls

Director, Catalina Sky Survey, PTYS Graduate Student

Rose Garcia

R&D Engineer Scientist, OSIRIS-REx

Elijah Garcia

Laboratory Coordinator

Andrew Gardner (he/him/él)

Systems Programmer, Principal

Alex Gibbs

Principal Engineer, Catalina Sky Survey

Dathon Golish (he/him)

Mission Instrument and Observation Scientist
Kuiper 429E, Drake 104J

Branden Gosse

Research Technician

Albert Grauer

Technical Expert, Catalina Sky Survey

Cathy Marie Grijalva

Building Manager, Kuiper Space Sciences, Executive Assistant

Eneida Guerra De Lima

IT Architecture Manager

Mary Guerrieri

Manager, Academic Affairs

Rod Heyd

Project Manager, HiRISE

Samuel Hickcox

Research Technician

Dolores Hill

Research Specialist, Senior

Joshua Hogan

Research Technologist, Catalina Sky Survey

Joshua Kantarges (he/him/his)

SAMIS Software Engineer, OSIRIS-REx

Adriana Kelly

Manager, Personnel Services and Business Affairs

Oddisey Knox

Research Data Support Specialist

Sara Knutson

Lead Engineer, Science Operations, OSIRIS-REx

Richard Kowalski

Research Specialist, Senior, Catalina Sky Survey

Lynn Lane

Department Administrator

Sarah Lane-Gaxiola

Program Coordinator, Senior

Jeffrey Larsen

Technical Expert, Spacewatch

Brett Lawrie

Research Engineering Instrument Maker

Richard Leis

Staff Technician, Senior, HiRISE

Gregory Leonard

Research Specialist, Senior, Catalina Sky Survey

Ronald Mastaler

Observer, Spacewatch

Guy McArthur

Data Applications Developer, HiRISE

Steve Meyer

Mechanical Engineer, HiRISE

Bertha Orosco (she/her)

Administrative Associate

Singleton Papendick

Science Operations Engineer, HiRISE

Neil Pearson

DCC Lab Manager (Reddy)

Jason Perry

Staff Technician, HiRISE

Eric Petersen

Research Professional

Joe Plassmann

Computing Systems Manager, PIRL/HiRISE

Anjani Polit (she/her)

Deputy Principal Investigator, OSIRIS-APEX

David Rankin

Senior Research Specialist, Catalina Sky Survey

Michael Read

Chief Engineer/Observer, Spacewatch

Marcela Robison (she/her)

Grant and Contract Administrator

Sue Robison

Business Manager, Senior, HiRISE

Robert Seaman

Data Engineer, Senior, Data Engineer, Senior, Catalina Sky Survey

Frank Shelly

Senior Systems Programmer, Catalina Sky Survey

Ronica Sims (she/her/hers)

Leader, Public Programs, Research Technician

Christina Singh (she/her/hers)

Image Analyst, PTYS Graduate Student
Kuiper 450A, Kuiper 351

Andrew Tubbiolo

Engineer/Observer, Spacewatch

Shesh Vinay

Program Coordinator, Education and Outreach

Sarah Warren (she, her)

Administrative Assistant

Mathew Wells

Administrative Associate

Mathilde Westermann

Lead GIS Development Engineer, OSIRIS-REx

Kacper Wierzchos

Research Specialist, Senior, Catalina Sky Survey

Michael Williams

Lead Engineer, Spaceflight

Selmer Wong

NEO Surveyor Mission Project Manager

Naomi Yescas

R&D Electrical Engineer

Zoe Zeszut