Near-Earth Object Surveyor Mission

NEO Surveyor

    The Near-Earth Object Surveyor Mission, formerly called Near-Earth Object Camera (NEOCam), is a planned space-based infrared telescope designed to survey the Solar System for potentially hazardous asteroids.

    Construction Begins on NASA’s Next-Generation Asteroid Hunter - December 22, 2022

    NEO Surveyor Faculty

    Amy Mainzer

    Principal Investigator, NEOWISE and NEO Surveyor, Professor

    Asteroid Surveys, Small Bodies

    NEO Surveyor Faculty

    Tommy Grav

    Research Scientist/Senior Staff Scientist

    Asteroid Surveys, Small Bodies

    Gregory Zengilowski

    Research Scientist

    Asteroid Surveys

    NEO Surveyor Faculty

    Ian Diaz-Vachier

    Research Technologist

    Todd Horne

    R&D Engineer/Scientist, NEO Surveyor

    Asteroid Surveys, Small Bodies

    Selmer Wong

    NEO Surveyor Mission Project Manager