PTYS 170A1

Planet Earth: Evolution of the Habitable World

This course develops a planetary perspective on the evolutionary processes that shaped Earth throughout history. We will examine why Earth is habitable, that is, why any kind of life can live on it, we will discuss the unique influences that biological processes and atmosphere/ocean systems have on each other, and we will review current notions of climate change, including evidence for the influence of human activities on it. This interdisciplinary treatment of Earth and its sister planets will encourage students to think about how science and engineering must be applied to today's challenges if humankind is to have a promising future on (and off) this planet. PTYS 170A1 is a Tier I Natural Science course in the University's general education curriculum. This course is co-convened (cross-listed) with ASTR 170A1.

Course Level: Tier I NATS
Course Credits: 3
Course Type: Undergraduate

Semester Section Instructor(s) Day/Time Location Resources
2021 Spring 001 Steve Kortenkamp
2020 Spring 001 Kristopher Klein
2020 Fall 001 Walter Harris
2019 Spring 001 Steve Kortenkamp TTH 2:00-3:15p.m. Flandrau 219B
2019 Fall 001 Kristopher Klein TTH 12:30-1:45p.m. Kuiper 308
2018 Spring 001 Steve Kortenkamp TTH 2:00 - 3:15PM Flandrau 219B Syllabus
Course Page
2018 Fall 001 Lynn Carter TTH 2:00-3:15p.m. Kuiper 308 Syllabus
Course Page
2017 Fall 001 Christopher Hamilton Syllabus
Course Page
2017 Fall 002 Lynn Carter TTH 2:00-3:15 p.m. Kuiper 308 Syllabus
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