Arizona Space Grant Graduate Fellowships

Arizona Space Grant

The UArizona/NASA Space Grant Program and nominating departments provide six graduate fellowships per year to exceptional graduate students interested in promoting the understanding of space-related research to the public and who are studying space sciences/engineering, public policy, earth sciences, science education, or global change-related fields. Space Grant fellows are required to complete an educational outreach project as part of their fellowship.

Student Year Proposal Title
Anders, Amelin 1991  
Beyer, Ross 1999  
Bramson, Ali 2012  
Brown, Zarah 2020, 2021 The Arizona Scale Model Solar System
Chabot, Nancy 1994  
Cohen, Barbra 1997, 1998  
Emery, Joshua 1995, 1996  
Esman, Teresa 2015  
Fischer, Mark 1993  
Gardner-Vandy, Kathryn 2006, 2007  
Hattori, Maki 2006, 2007  
Hoppa, Greg 1994  
House, Sally 2003  
Keller, John M. 2002, 2003  
Maleszewski, Chet 2010  
McGraw, Allison 2019 Mysterious Meteorites: A Planetarium Module Production
Molaro, Jamie 2009, 2014  
Ong, Lissa 2012  
Phillips, Cynthia 1995, 1996  
Schaller, Christian 1992  
Shaner, Andrew 2005, 2006 MarsBots: Curriculum Development
Simon, Molly 2017, 2018 The Development and Validation of the Planet Formation Concept Inventory
Viola, Donna 2014  
Williams, Cameron (GEOS) 1990