Future Investigators in NASA Earth and Space Science and Technology (FINESST)

NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowships (NESSF)

Year Student Proposal Title Advisor
2023 Cook, Claire

The Glacial History of Mars Recorded in Ice-filled Craters

2023 Matheson, Ian (AME)

Characterizing Resonant Kuiper Belt Populations with Directional Statistics

2023 Melikyan, Robert

Collisional Dynamics of the Late Veneer and How the Moon Survived

2022 Moruzzi, Samantha

Faulting in Pluto's Ice Shell: An Investigation of Local Strain and Stress Concentrations from Refreezing of the Ice Shell Beneath Sputnik Basin

2022 Mills, Mackenzie Effects of Subsurface Fluid Reservoirs on Martian Geomorphology in Utopia Planitia McEwen
2020 Voigt, Joana Deciphering Effusive Eruption Styles throughout Elysium Planitia, Mars: Linking Lava Emplacement Dynamics with Magmatic Storage Condition Hamilton
2020 Wilbur, Zoe Investigating Degassing Histories of Apollo 15 and 17 Lunar Basalts with 3D Visualization and Coordinated Microanalysis Barnes
2020 Springmann, Alessondra Inner Coma Grain Environments of Jupiter Family Comets Harris
2019 Ganesh, Indujaa Plumes and Pyroclasts: Understanding the Dynamics of Explosive Volcanism on Venus Carter
2019 McGraw, Allison Observational Campaign for the Gefion Asteroid Family Reddy