PTYS/LPL Faculty

Jack Holt

Ph.D., 1997, California Institute of Technology

Kuiper 536

Years with LPL: 2018

Current Spacecraft Involvement

SHARAD radar sounder instrument on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Co-I

Current PTYS Graduate Students

Student Collaborations/Advising

Students from outside UA PTYS

  • Eric Peterson (Ph.D., Geophysics, UT Austin)
  • Stefano Nerozzi (Ph.D., Geophysics, UT Austin)

Former Students

  • Dan Lalich, 2017, Ph.D, UT Austin
  • Cassie Stuurman, 2017, M.S., UT Austin
  • Katherine Shover, 2016, M.S., UT Austin

Complete publications list available from: NASA ADS Author search: J. W. Holt

Refereed publications (NASA ADS): Calendar Year 2016 through July 2018

Nerozzi, S., Holt, J. W. Earliest accumulation history of the north polar layered deposits, Mars from SHARAD 2018Icar..308..128N

Brothers, S. C., Kocurek, G., Holt, J. W. Sequence architecture of the cavi unit, Chasma Boreale, Mars 2018Icar..308...42B

Levy, J. S., Fassett, C. I., Rader, L. X., King, I. R., Chaffey, P. M., Wagoner, C. M., Hanlon, A. E., Watters, J. L., Kreslavsky, M. A., Holt, J. W., Russell, A. T., Dyar, M. D. Distribution and Characteristics of Boulder Halos at High Latitudes on Mars: Ground Ice and Surface Processes Drive Surface Reworking 2018JGRE..123..322L

Dundas, C. M., Bramson, A. M., Ojha, L., Wray, J. J., Mellon, M. T., Byrne, S., McEwen, A. S., Putzig, N. E., Viola, D., Sutton, S., Clark, E., Holt, J. W. Exposed subsurface ice sheets in the Martian mid-latitudes 2018Sci...359..199D

Gillespie, M. K., Lawson, W., Rack, W., Anderson, B., Blankenship, D. D., Young, D. A., Holt, J. W.  Geometry and ice dynamics of the Darwin-Hatherton glacial system, Transantarctic Mountains 2017JGlac..63..959G

Lalich, D. E., Holt, J. W.  New Martian climate constraints from radar reflectivity within the north polar layered deposits 2017GeoRL..44..657L

Choudhary, P., Holt, J. W., Kempf, S. D.  Surface Clutter and Echo Location Analysis for the Interpretation of SHARAD Data From Mars 2016IGRSL..13.1285C

Stuurman, C. M., Osinski, G. R., Holt, J. W., Levy, J. S., Brothers, T. C., Kerrigan, M., Campbell, B. A.  SHARAD detection and characterization of subsurface water ice deposits in Utopia Planitia, Mars 2016GeoRL..43.9484S

Smith, I. B., Putzig, N. E., Holt, J. W., Phillips, R. J.  An ice age recorded in the polar deposits of Mars 2016Sci...352.1075S

Parsons, R., Holt, J.  Constraints on the formation and properties of a Martian lobate debris apron: Insights from high-resolution topography, SHARAD radar data, and a numerical ice flow model 2016JGRE..121..432P

Brothers, T. C., Holt, J. W.  Three-dimensional structure and origin of a 1.8 km thick ice dome within Korolev Crater, Mars 2016GeoRL..43.1443B

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