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Lastname, Firstname Degree Year Advisor(s) Dissertation/Thesis Current Position Current Institution
Banks, Maria Ph.D. Geosciences 2009 McEwen Glacial Processes and Morphologies in the Southern Hemisphere of Mars Planetary Scientist NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Barlow, Nadine Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1987 Strom Relative Ages and the Geologic Evolution of Martian Terrain Units
Barnes, Jason Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2004 Brown Characterizing Transiting Extrasolar Giant Planets: On Companions, Rings, and L… Professor, Physics University of Idaho
Bart, Gwen Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2007 Melosh Lunar Surface Geology from Analysis of Impact Craters and Their Ejecta Research Associate Professor of Physics University of Idaho
Baugh, Nicole M.S. Planetary Sciences 2008 Brown Fluvial Channels on Titan Uplink Operations Lead (HiRISE) LPL, University of Arizona
Beard, Sky Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2018 Swindle Noble Gas Chronology of Meteorites: Brachinites, Ureilites, and Chelyabinsk Chemist III Battelle
Becerra, Patricio Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2016 Byrne The Poles of Mars, Past and Present: A High-Resolution Observational Study of t… Project Scientist, Microcameras and Space Exploration (MCSE) SA University of Bern
Benner, Chris (Drayton) Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1979 Fink The Visual and Near Infrared Spectrum of Methane and Its Application to Uranus,… Adjunct Professor, Physics College of William and Mary
Berger, Eve Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2011 Lauretta Cubanite and Associated Sulfides in Cl Chordrites and Comet Wild 2: Implication… Organic Geo- and Cosmochemist NASA Johnson Space Center (ARES)
Berman, Daniel M.S. Geosciences 2003 Baker Hillside Gullies and Possible Glacial Landforms Associated With the Degradation… Senior Scientist Planetary Science Institute
Beyer, Ross Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2004 McEwen Martian Surface Roughness and Stratigraphy Principal Investigator, Research Scientist SETI, NASA Ames Research Center
Binder, Alan Ph.D. Geology 1967 Titley Stratigraphy and Structure of the Cleomedes Quadrangle of the Moon Director Lunar Research Institute
Bjoraker, Gordon Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1985 Larson The Gas Composition and Vertical Cloud Structure of Jupiter's Troposphere Deriv… Space Scientist NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Planetary Systems Laboratory
Bland, Michael Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2008 Showman The Tectonic, Thermal, and Magnetic Evolution of Icy Satellites Research Space Scientist U.S.G.S. Astrogeology Science Center
Block, Kristin
M.S. Planetary Sciences 2011 Swindle Fulgurite Classification, Petrology, and Implications for Planetary Processes Principal Science Operations Engineer, HiRISE LPL, University of Arizona
Bolser, Diana M.S. Chemistry 2014 Zega Microstructural Analysis of Calcium-Aluminum-Rich Inclusions in Primitive Meteo… Subsection Manager - CMC Design GE Aerospace
Bond, Jade Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2008 Lauretta The Chemistry of Extrasolar Planetary Systems Associate (Lawyer) Bartier Perry (Australia)
Bottke, William Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1995 Greenberg The Collisional and Dynamical Evolution of Asteroids Director Department for Space Studies, Southwest Research Institute, Boulder
Boyer, Darryl Ph.D. Physics 1982 Levy Magnetohydrodynamic Dynamos in the Presence of Fossil Magnetic Fields
Bramson, Ali Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2018 Byrne Radar Analysis and Theoretical Modeling of the Presence and Preservation of Ice… Assistant Professor Purdue University, Dept. of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
Broadhurst, Leigh Ph.D. Geosciences 1989 Drake Solubility and Partitioning of Noble Gases in Anorthite, Diopside, Forsterite, … Geochemist/USDA Researcher U.S. Department of Agriculture
Brock, Laci
Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2021 Barman Connecting Points in Time: From the Evolution of Clouds in Substellar Atmospher…
Brown, Zarah
Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2023 Koskinen Saturn's Upper Atmosphere in the Ultraviolet: Temperature and Compositional Tre… Postdoctoral Research Associate LPL, University of Arizona
Buie, Marc Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1984 Fink Lightcurve CCD Spectrophotometry of Pluto Institute Scientist Southwest Research Institute (Boulder)
Burkland, Michael Ph.D. Physics 1998 Swindle The Thermal Retentive Nature of the I-Xe System in the Meteorite Bjurbole: Impl… Senior Principal Systems Engineer Raytheon
Burr, Devon Ph.D. Geosciences 2003 Baker Investigations into the Cerberus Outflow Channels, Mars Professor, Astronomy and Planetary Science Northern Arizona University