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Lastname, Firstname Degree Year Advisor(s) Dissertation/Thesis Current Position Current Institution
Sayanagi, Kunio Ph.D. Physics 2007 Showman Numerical Modeling of Atmospheric Jet Streams on Jupiter and Saturn: Their Form… Associate Professor Hampton University
Schad, Thomas Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2013 Giacalone Spectropolarimetry of Fine Magnetized Structures in the Upper Solar Atmosphere Scientist National Solar Observatory, Daniel K Inouye Solar Telescope
Schaefer, Ethan Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2018 McEwen Quantifying Geomorphic Features: Relative Albedos, Skeletonization, and Multifr… Staff Scientist Washington University in St. Louis
Schaller, Christian M.S. Planetary Sciences 1998 Greenberg Venus Ejecta Parabolas: Comparing Theory with Observation Software Engineer, Spacecraft Operations LPL, University of Arizona
Schneider, Nicholas Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1988 Hunten Sodium in Io's Extended Atmosphere Professor University of Colorado, Boulder, Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences
Schrader, Devin Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2012 Lauretta The Formation and Alteration of the Renazzo-like Carbonaceous Chondrites Deputy Director/Associate Professor Arizona State University, Center for Meteorite Studies/School of Earth and Space Exploration
Sears, William Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1994 Lunine Tidal Effects on the Evolution of Titan Embedded Engineer Ag Leader Technology
Seifert, Laura Ph.D. Planetary Science 2023 Zega Dust Condensation in Circumstellar Environments: Insight from Chemical and Micr… NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellow NASA Johnson Space Center
Sharkey, Benjamin
Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2022 Reddy From Earth to Neptune: The Mineralogical Properties of Small Planetary Satellit… Visiting Senior Faculty Specialist University of Maryland
Sharma, Priyanka Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2012 Byrne Investigations of Titan's Topography and Surface Roughness NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Sheffer, Abigail Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2007 Melosh Chemical Reduction of Silicates by Meteorite Impacts and Lightning Strikes Senior Program Officer National Academies, Division on Engineering and Physical Studies, Space Studies Board
Shoemaker, Emileigh Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2023 Carter Investigating Volcanic Environments on Mars and Earth Using Radar NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellow Goddard Space Flight Center
Simon, Molly Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2019 Impey Part I: How Did We Get Here? College Students' Preinstructional Ideas on the To… Assistant Professor Arizona State University, School of Earth and Space Exploration
Sing, David Ph.D. Physics 2005 Holberg Post Common Envelope Pre-Cataclysmic and Cataclysmic Variable Binaries Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Astrophysics Johns Hopkins University, Depts. Physics and Astronomy
Slattery, Wayne Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1976 Hubbard The Structure of the Planets Jupiter and Saturn Research Scientist Los Alamos National Laboratory
Slick, Lindsay M.S. Planetary Sciences 2020 Zega
Smith, Peter Ph.D. Optical Sciences 2009 Drake Water at the PHOENIX Landing Site Professor Emeritus LPL, University of Arizona
Spencer, John Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1987 Strom The Surfaces of Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto: An Investigation Using Voyager … Institute Scientist Southwest Research Institute (Boulder)
Spitale, Joseph Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2001 Greenberg Detailed Study of the Yarkovsky Effect on Asteroids and Solar System Implicatio… Instructional Specialist LPL, University of Arizona
Spitz, Anna Ph.D. Geosciences 1991 Boynton Trace Element Analysis of Ureilite Meteorites and Implications for their Petrog… Senior Program Director (Retired) Institute for the Environment, University of Arizona
Sprague, Ann Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1990 Hunten An Observational Comparison of Mercury and the Moon Senior Research Associate (Retired) LPL, University of Arizona
Springmann, Alessondra "Sondy" Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2022 Harris Heating of Small Solar System Body Materials Postdoctoral Research Associate Southwest Research Institute (Boulder)
Stadermann, Amanda
Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2023 Barnes Investigation into Igneous Lithologies and Impact Processes in the Earth-Moon S… NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellow NASA Johnson Space Center
Stansberry, John Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1994 Lunine Surface-Atmosphere Coupling on Triton and Pluto Instrument Scientist Space Telescope Science Institute
Steinrueck, Maria
Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2021 Koskinen Atmospheric Circulation of Hot Jupiters: Implications of Disequilibrium Chemist… 51 Pegasi b Fellow University of Chicago
Stepinski, Tomasz Ph.D. Applied Mathematics 1986 Levy Magnetohydrodynamic Dynamo in Disc-Like Astrophysical Bodies Thomas Jefferson Chair Professor, Geography University of Cincinnati
Stoll, Clifford Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1980 Tomasko Polarimetry of Jupiter at Large Phase Angles Author; owner/operator Acme Klein Bottles
Stone, Shane Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2021 Yelle Martian Upper Atmospheric Thermal Structure, Composition, and Water and their S… Research Space Scientist NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Sun, Peng Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2016 Jokipii Charged-Particle Transport in Turbulent Magnetic Fields Software Engineer EY
Sutton, Sarah
Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2022 Hamilton Fissure-fed Volcanism on Mars and Earth Research Scientist, Photogrammetry & Image Processing, HiRISE LPL, University of Arizona
Sykes, Mark Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1986 Hunten IRAS Observations of Asteroid Dust Bands and Cometary Dust Trails Director Planetary Science Institute