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Lastname, Firstname Degree Year Advisor(s) Dissertation/Thesis Current Position Current Institution
Hall, Doyle Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1992 Shemansky Ultraviolet Resonance Radiation and the Structure of the Heliosphere Scientist Boeing LTS
Harner, Patrick M.S. Planetary Sciences 2015 Baker, Quade Carbonates and Other Salts in the Atacama Desert and on Mars, and the Implicati… Senior Attorney U.S. Government Accountability Office
Hartigan, Patrick Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1987 Lada, Levy Observations and Bowshock Models of Herbig-Haro Objects Professor, Physics and Astronomy Rice University
Hartmann, William Ph.D. Astronomy 1966 Kuiper History of the Lunar Surface Senior Scientist Emeritus Planetary Science Institute
Hatheway, Allen Wayne Ph.D. Geosciences 1971 Lacy Lava Tubes and Collapse Depressions Consulting Geological Engineer
Hattori, Maki M.S. Planetary Sciences 2008 Hubbard Mass Loss of Highly Irradiated Extra-Solar Giant Planets Programmer Associate Global Science & Technology Inc
Hay, Hamish Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2020 Matsuyama A Tale of Tides: Icy Satellites, Subsurface Oceans, and Tightly-Packed Planetar… Postdoctoral Research Assistant University of Oxford, Dept. of Earth Sciences
Hays, Naydene M.S. Planetary Sciences 2011 Drake Geochronology of Shergottite Meteorites: Using LA-MC-ICP-MS to Examine U-Th-Pb … Director of Tutoring Olympic College
Head, James Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1999 Melosh Fragmentaton and Ejection of the Martian Clan Meteorites Senior Principal Systems Engineer Raytheon Missile Systems
Hendler, Nathanial Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2020 Pascucci Evolution of Protoplanetary Dust-Disk Sizes Senior Machine Learning Engineer FlightAware
Hicks, Michael Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1997 Fink A Spectrophotometric Survey of Comets and Earth-approaching Asteroids
Hildebrand, Alan Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1992 Boynton Geochemistry and Stratigraphy of the Cretaceous/Tertiary Boundary Impact Ejecta Associate Professor of Geoscience University of Calgary
Hillgren, Valerie Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1993 Drake Partitioning Behavior of Moderately Siderophile Elements in Ni-Rich Systems: Im… Research Scientist Carnegie Institution of Washington
Hilton, Douglas Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1987 Hunten A Partially Collisional Model of the Titan Hydrogen Torus
Hoppa, Greg Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1998 Greenberg Europa: Effects of Rotation and Tides on Tectonic Processes Senior Principal Systems Engineer Raytheon
Horst, Sarah Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2011 Yelle Post-Cassini Investigations of the Titan Atmospheric Chemistry Associate Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences Johns Hopkins University
Hostetler, Charles Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1982 Drake Equilibrium Properties of Some Silicate Materials: A Theoretical Study Senior Project Advisor SCS Engineers
Housen, Kevin Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1981 Wilkening The Stochastic Evolution of Asteroidal Regoliths and the Origin of Brecciated a… Scientist Boeing
Howell, Robert Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1980 Low Infrared Speckle Interferometry Emeritus Professor, Geology and Geophysics University of Wyoming
Howell, Ellen Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1995 Lebofsky Probing Asteroid Composition Using Visible and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Research Professor LPL, University of Arizona
Hoxie, Dwight Thomas Ph.D. Astronomy 1969 Weymann The Structure and Evolution of Stars of Very Low Mass Retired U.S.G.S. Reston, Water Resources Division
Hurford, Terry Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2005 Greenberg Tides and Tidal Stress: Applications to Europa Planetary Scientist NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Hutson, Melinda Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1996 Lewis Chemical Studies of Enstatite Chondrites Research Assistant Professor Portland State University