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Lastname, Firstname Degree Year Advisor(s) Dissertation/Thesis Current Position Current Institution
MacFarlane, Joseph Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1983 Hubbard Theoretical Predictions for the Phase Stability of Dense Binary Mixtures President/Senior Scientist Prism Computational Sciences
Maleszewski, Chet M.S. Planetary Sciences 2018 Byrne
Maloney, Philip Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1987 Black (J.H.) Global Properties of Molecular Clouds and the Interstellar Medium in Galaxies Senior Research Associate (Retired) University of Colorado, Boulder
Malvin, Daniel M.S. Planetary Sciences 1987 Drake Experimental Partitioning of Siderophile Elements in the Systems Iron-Nickel-Su…
Marcialis, Robert Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1990 Lebofsky, Hubbard The Pluto-Charon System as Revealed During the Mutual Events
Marley, Mark S.
Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1990 Hubbard Nonradial Oscillations of Saturn: Implications for Ring System Structure Director, Department Head LPL, University of Arizona
Marsh, Celinda M.S. Planetary Sciences 2007 Lauretta Thermal Processing in Ordinary Chondrites: Development of the Fast Electron Mic… Budget Examiner U.S. Office of Management and Budget
Mastrapa, Rachel Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2004 Brown Water ice and radiation in the solar system Research Scientist SETI, NASA AMES Research Center
McCormack, John Ph.D. Atmospheric Sciences 1996 Hood A Three-Dimensional Mechanistic Ozone Transport Model: Applications to Midlatit… Program Scientist NASA, Heliophysics Division
McEvoy, Erica Ph.D. Applied Mathematics 2017 Jokipii A Numerical Method for the Simulation of Skew Brownian Motion and its Applicati… NLP/Machine Learning Engineer Booz Allen Hamilton
McFarlane, Elisabeth Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1994 Drake Differentiation in the Early Earth: An Experimental Investigation
McGraw, Allison Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2023 Reddy Asteroid-Meteorite Linkages through Infrared Spectroscopy Physics Laboratory Manager Texas A&M, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
McLarty-Schroeder, Janet M.S. Planetary Sciences 1998 Strom Development, Assessment, and Applications of Planetary Sciences 109L: Explorati… Professor, Department Chair Cerritos College, Physics, Astronomy and Engineering Department
Melendrez, David M.S. Geosciences 1991 Baker Remote Sensing of Potential Lunar Resources Engineer, Imagery Integration lead, NASA Orion Program NASA, ARES Division
Meng, Huan Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2015 Rieke Characterizing Terrestrial Planet Formation with Young Debris Disks
Merline, William Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1995 McMillan Observations of small-amplitude oscillations in the radial velocity of Arcturus Staff Scientist (Retired) Southwest Research Institute (Boulder)
Milazzo, Moses Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2005 McEwen Remote Sensing of Thermally Induced Activity on Io and Mars Scientist/Consultant Other Orb
Miller, Kelly Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2016 Lauretta The R Chondrite Record of Volatile Rich Environments in the Early Solar System Research Scientist Southwest Research Institute
Minton, David Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2009 Malhotra Dynamical History of the Asteroid Belt and Implications for Terrestrial Planet … Associate Professor, Planetary Systems and Surfaces Purdue University, Dept. of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Molaro, Jamie Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2015 Byrne Stress, on the Rocks: Thermally Induced Stresses in Rocks and Microstructures o… Research Scientist Planetary Science Institute (CA)
Moores, John Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 2008 Smith (Peter) Effects of Insolation on Habitability and the Isotopic History of Martian Water Science Advisor to President of Canadian Space Agency; Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies; Associate Professor, Earth and Space Science and Engineering York University
Moro-Martin, Amaya Ph.D. Astronomy 2004 Malhotra Signatures of Planets in Circumstellar Debris Disks Associate Astronomer/Associate Research Scientist STScI/Dept. Physics and Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University
Morrison, Sarah Ph.D. Planetary Science 2017 Kratter The Dynamics and Implications of Gap Clearing via Planets in Planetesimal (Debr… Assistant Professor Missouri State University, Dept. of Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science
Musselwhite, Don Ph.D. Planetary Sciences 1995 Drake Experimental Geochemistry of Iodine, Argon and Xenon: Implications for the Outg… Lecturer (Geology and Physics) University of Houston (Downtown)