Graduate Teaching Assistant Excellence Award

The Graduate Teaching Assistant Excellence Award is an LPL initiative which is intended to promote, recognize, and reward exemplary performance among graduate teaching assistants assigned to PTYS undergraduate courses. The award consists of funding intended to be used toward travel and expenses to professional meeting chosen by the recipient. The Department is prepared to make one award per semester. All graduate teaching assistants assigned to PTYS courses are eligible, whether or not their home department is PTYS.

Fall 2023Nicole KerrisonSteve KortenkampPTYS/ASTR 170A1
Fall 2022Kana IshimaruJessica BarnesPTYS/ASTR 170A1
Fall 2022Jada WaltersTommi KoskinenPTYS 212
Spring 2022No award
Fall 2021No award
Spring 2021No award
Fall 2020No award 
Spring 2020No award 
Fall 2019Amanda StadermannKristopher KleinPTYS/ASTR 170A1
Spring 2019No award 
Fall 2018No award 
Spring 2018Tracy EsmanSteve KortenkampPTYS/ASTR 170B2
Fall 2017Saverio CambioniSteve KortenkampPTYS/ASTR 206
Spring 2017Kyle PearsonVishnu ReddyPTYS/ASTR 170B2
Fall 2016Laci BrockSteve KortenkampPTYS/ASTR 206
Spring 2016Chet MaleszewskiVishnu ReddyPTYS/ASTR 170B2
Fall 2015Donna ViolaJoe SpitalePTYS/ASTR/GEOS 214 
Spring 2015Ethan SchaeferJoe GiacalonePTYS/ASTR 206
Fall 2014Sarah PeacockSteve KortenkampPTYS/ASTR 206
Spring 2014Sky BeardTamara RogersPTYS/ASTR 170B2
Fall 2013Molly SimonSteve KortenkampPTYS/ASTR 206 
Spring 2013Tony NottkeHal LarsonPTYS/ASTR 170A1
Fall 2012Patricio BecerraTamara RogersPTYS/ASTR 170B1
Spring 2012Robert ZellemPeter SmithPTYS/ASTR/GEOS 214
Fall 2011Christa Van LaerhovenJoe SpitalePTYS/ASTR/GEOS 214
Spring 2011Lissa OngBetty PierazzoPTYS/ASTR/GEOS 214
Spring 2011Devin SchraderBetty PierrazoPTYSASTR/GEOS 214
Fall 2010Margaret BlomeSteve KortenkampPTYS/ASTR 206
Spring 2010No award
Fall 2009Tiffany KatariaBetty PierazzoPTYS/ASTR/GEOS 214
Spring 2009Vijay VeerasamyBetty PierazzoPTYS/ASTR/GEOS 214
Fall 2008No award
Spring 2008Sarah HörstRick GreenbergNATS 101
Fall 2007Doug ArcherAlex PavlovPTYS/ASTR/GEOS 214
Spring 2007Naydene HaysHal LarsonNATS 102
Fall 2006Kathryn VolkHal LarsonNATS 101
Spring 2006Kathryn GardnerCaitlin GriffithNATS 102
Fall 2005No Award
Spring 2005Tony NottkeHal LarsonNATS 101
Spring 2005 Kelly KolbRick GreenbergNATS 101
Fall 2004John KellerTim SwindleNATS 102
Spring 2004Terry HurfordDante LaurettaNATS 102
Fall 2003Amanda Proctor Tim SwindlePTYS/ASTR 206
Fall 2003Brandon PreblichTim SwindlePTYS/ASTR 206
Spring 2003No Award
Fall 2002David O’BrienJonathan LunineNATS 101
Spring 2002Peter LanaganJohn LewisNATS 102
Fall 2001Matt TiscarenoAlfred McEwen PTYS/ASTR 206
Fall 2001Matt TiscarenoRobert BrownNATS 102
Spring 2001Ron FevigUwe FinkPTYS/ASTR 206
Fall 2000Larry RuddHal LarsonNATS 101
Spring 2000Jani Radebaugh Hal Larson NATS 101
Spring 2000Ingrid DaubarUwe FinkPTYS/ASTR 206
Fall 1999David Wood Hal Larson NATS 102
Fall 1999Joshua EmeryMichael DrakePTYS/ASTR 206