Adeene Denton

PTYS/LPL Postdocs

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Adeene Denton

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Ph.D. Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Science, 2022, Purdue University

Planetary Geophysics, Planetary Surfaces, Small Bodies, Titan & Outer Solar System

Advisor(s): Erik Asphaug

Adeene Denton is a geologist and planetary scientist interested in giant impacts and their influence on the history, evolution and tectonic activity of icy satellites, ocean worlds, and Kuiper Belt Objects. Adeene uses a combination of numerical tools, from shock physics modeling to finite element software, to explore the effects of giant impacts, which begin in the first few seconds after impact and can extend for hundreds of millions of years. She is passionate about integrating numerical modeling, fieldwork, and everything in between to approach geologic problems. If you need a moon, planet, or asteroid blown up, send her an email! (Disclaimer: can only handle solid surfaces. No gas giants!)

C. A. Denton and A. R. Rhoden (2022). Tracking the evolution of an ocean within Mimas using the Herschel impact basin. Geophysical Research Letters. PDF.

C. A. Denton, Johnson, B.C., Wakita, S., Freed, A.M., Melosh, H.J., and Stern, A.S. (2021), Pluto’s antipodal terrains imply a thick subsurface ocean and hydrated core. Geophysical Research Letters. PDF

Wakita, S., Johnson, B.C., Denton, C.A., Davison, T.M. (2021). Jetting during oblique impacts of spherical impactors. Icarus. PDF.

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