Department Life Committee

The Department Life Committee (DLC) is an LPL-based group consisting of faculty members, research scientists, and graduate students.


The main focus of the DLC is to assure and maintain a welcoming and equitable working environment for those working in planetary science at the University of Arizona. We meet as a group a few times per semester as needed to discuss the general state of and feelings within the planetary science department. Primarily, our discussion resides around issues that have been brought to our attention by members of the department, and we seek to provide safe, impactful, and useful solutions to these problems where possible. Anyone in the Department is welcome to bring issues of concern to any member of the DLC, and we will try to resolve the problem and/or direct the person to appropriate Department and University resources.

DLC Members

Jeff Andrews-Hanna

Kuiper 438
Jeff is an associate Professor at LPL, is the DLC chair for 2019-2020.

Ellen Howell

Drake 115

Ellen, a senior research scientist, is the DLC for the second year running.

Gilda Ballester

Sonett 135
Gilda is a research professor and is serving on the DLC for the first time this year.

Pierre Haenecour

Kuiper 533
Pierre is an assistant professor, serving on the DLC for the first time.

Jessica Barnes

Kuiper 540
Jessica, an assistant professor, is serving for the first time on the DLC.

Rachel Fernandes

Kuiper 324
Rachel is a third year PTYS graduate student and is serving on the DLC for the first time.

Singleton Thibodeaux-Yost

Sonett 212
Singleton is a HiRISE Science Operations Engineer and is on the DLC for the first time this year.